Canada day three

by Freya Laughton on March 31, 2012

Now well acquainted with this time-zone, and congratulating the sun on another dazzling appearance we made our way to Horseshoe Bay to catch the Langdale ferry, in search of a distant cousin.

BC ferries are the buses that pop between all the Gulf Islands, they carry people and cars, the bigger ferries have a little shop, restaurant, kids play room and arcade on board! I was far to busy scanning the water for whales to bother with computer games though.

The Gulf Islands from the ferry 2The Gulf Islands from the ferry 3In Langdale we found our once or twice removed cousin, at Mellon Glass Studio. The furnace wasn’t up and running that weekend so after gazing at the beautiful glass jelly fish and shoes, we were lucky to have a little tour of the island.

Boats in Gibson, Langdale, BCNo whales this time, but watch this space!