Goodbye Millthorpe Studio

by Freya Laughton on May 4, 2012

For the past couple of years I have had a lovely studio in my friend’s Victorian townhouse in Penzance. During this time the house has been transformed from a work in progress into a very comfortable, almost finished, beautiful home.     Standing in the way of a completed job was a collection of vintage sewing machines, various work benches, a wall of fabric, and me! So with Millthorpe now on the market I spent the last week running up and down stairs and wishing I’d chosen to collect stamps instead.

Fabric on shelving in the studio

Studio move, loading the car

Almost empty studio

Unfortunately I have yet to find a new place to fill with fluff and the soothing sounds of radio 4. My materials are now contained in bin-liners and boxes, piled on all available floor space at home until I can find a new studio (any offers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated).

View over St. Michaels Mount from studio windowGoodbye Millthorpe studio, soon to be a brand new gorgeous bedroom, thus completing the house transformation!