Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

by Freya Laughton on February 11, 2013

After weeks of small-detail ink drawing my eyes needed a change, so when the rain cleared I made my way to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, near Gulval. Tremenheere is my new favourite place to go, the garden is full of exotic plants, and is home to contemporary art installations by various artists, including David Nash and James Turrell. The shop and café at Tremenheere are in a lovely fresh light building designed by the late architect and artist Barrie Briscoe.

The café is run by the Lime Tree team who make excellent cakes, and the shop/gallery is full of beautiful work from local and international artists, including a collection of my textiles and cards.

Tremenheere Sculpture garden, 1.

Viewing platforms and benches are dotted about the garden, perfect for listening to the birds, quietly sketching, or simply viewing!

Tremenheere Sculpture garden, wooden bench.

Tremenheere Sculpture garden, milk tree.

I can’t imagine what tree milk would taste like, but it almost looks possible…

Tremenheere Sculpture garden, camera obscura.

The camera obscura projects a soft image of the garden onto a round white platform, in the middle of a small round wooden hut.

Tremenheere Sculpture garden, trees.

Tremenheere Sculpture garden, view from the top.

Tremenheere opened to the public for the first time in September last year, if you haven’t already been it’s well worth a trip, and if you have, go again and try a different cake!